About Us

IICSS – International Institute For Cyber Science Studies was established in 2005 and registered in the UK to deliver approved online training, education, and certification.

IICSS started as a leading model in education and training through different approaches to delivering its unique educational services. As one of the leading international educational and training institutions, IICSS offers distinguished educational and consultation services in various domains, specialising in the intersecting areas between technology and fields of social sciences.

Our qualifications are granted with respect to international education and training quality standards and in partnership with world-leading accreditation bodies and educational institutions. Our consultations are delivered based on internationally approved standards. 


Contribute to the development of the community by inspiring learners in contemporary files and domains, and presenting professional guidance and support to businesses and individuals through consultation services with exceptional quality standards.


  • Offer comprehensive and balanced academic programs that are mutually strengthening and emphasize high-quality and creative education at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and postgraduate levels.
  • Achieve leadership in each discipline, strengthen interdisciplinary studies, and master new fields of learning and consolation.
  • Disseminate and spread knowledge in emerging and contemporary domains, which provide a foundation for dealing with society’s immediate and long-range needs.