IICSS dedicates it’s qualities for providing a high standard education for its learners to enrich them with the needed experience and knowledge. This can only be achieved through a safe educational environment with a clear and precise framework ensuring the integrity and solidity of the admission decisions of the applicants. The efforts of IICSS in this context are emphasized in this Admission Policy and the provisions contained in it.

I. Purpose

1.1  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that IICSS fulfills the criteria regarding entry by applicants into its courses, as this policy seeks to set out the minimum requirements for admission to IICSS’s courses and outline procedures by which fair admission practices could be achieved.

1.2  Rights of the applicants to access information regarding the admission  are fully respected.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all applicants to IICSS courses, IICSS staff, and IICSS governing bodies and individuals.

III. Admission Criteria

All IICSS applicants shall meet the following admission criteria:


All applicants shall possess a reasonable understanding and usage for computers in order to be able to receive the courses’ educational services.


The English proficiency requirements for applicants are decided according to each course’s level as follows:

  • INTERMEDIATE – for beginner course level
    • ADVANCED – for intermediate course level
    • CERTIFIED ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER – for advanced course level


The educational level requirements for applicants are decided according to each course’s level as follows:

  • GRADUATE – for Beginner course level
    • POST-GRADUATE – for Intermediate course level
    • PROFESSIONAL – for Advanced course level


The subject matter knowledge level required to be met by applicants are decided according to each course’s level as follows:

  • MINIMUM LEVEL REQUIRED – for Intermediate course level
  • ADVANCED LEVEL REQUIRED – for Advanced course level


Placement test is required to be passed by applicants only for Beginner course level.


Applicants are required to verify the prerequisite course certificate on    https://iicss.org/verify-certificate/ or present evidence of equivalent certificate acquisition. This shall apply to Intermediate and Advanced course levels only.


Applicants are required, at all course levels, to fill a registration form with the information needed. The registration form can be found on https://iicss.org/registeration/


Applicants must meet the courses specific admission requirements determined according to each course level, nature, and type, which could be found on each course’s page on IICSS website.

IV. Special Entry

4.1  There could be a possibility for applicants who do not meet the above requirements but demonstrate that they have suitable work experience to be able to enter the courses. Suitable work experience means that the applicants have at least two (2) years’ full time experience in a role relevant to the courses provided. The applicant shall provide evidence in the form of a statement of service or similar document outlining the details of tasks performed by the applicant. Such evidence shall be assessed by IICSS to determine whether the applicant could be granted a special entry.

4.2  Incomplete studies that are relevant for the provided courses may also be considered as potentially acceptable on each case individually.

4.3 The applicant for special entry requires an English language proficiency as per required in Term 3 (English Language).

4.4  Applicants in any category whose study, work or life experiences have been impacted by disability, illness or family disruption may also be given special consideration for admission. Each application shall be considered on its merit, based on the evidence supplied by the applicant related to their circumstances.

4.5  Applicants for special entry may need to complete written or numerical tasks for purposes of assessing eligibility for admission.

4.6  The regard in special entry applications shall be directed to whether the applicant can demonstrate a reasonable prospect of success in their proposed studies.

V. Admission Procedures

5.1  Before an application can be processed, application form must be filled out with declarations signed. All qualifications and supporting documentation must be certified as as original copies. Should further evidence be required, the applicant shall be contacted by IICSS.

5.2  Non-English documents and qualifications must be accompanied by certified translations, stamped with a signifying sign that includes the translator’s details and their registration number(s).

5.3  Applications received after the published closing date for admission may not be processed.

5.4  Complete applications are processed within a period of four (4) weeks from the date of their submission, then a decision regarding the applicant’s admission shall be communicated to them through E-mail or regular mail. A file is created for the student containing all correspondence and documentation and any relevant identifiers such as applicant number.

5.5  Incomplete applications or those requiring further evidence are followed up with the applicant within a period of four (4) weeks from the date of their submission, then a decision regarding the applicant’s admission shall be communicated to them through E-mail or regular mail.

5.6  Incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent documents shall lead to withdrawal of the application and cancellation of enrollment, prior to this, IICSS may give the applicant an opportunity to explain the reasons for inaccuracies or inconsistencies. If IICSS is satisfied with the reasons, the application process shall continue.

5.7  All applications and evidentiary documents shall be reviewed carefully by IICSS’s competent staff.

I. Changes and Amendments

IICSS preserves the right to, from time to time, alter or enhance the requirements for admission for one or more of the courses offered. Any changes or amendments to the admission requirements shall be published by IICSS on its website, and shall enter into force from the date of its publication.

II. Appeal and Review

7.1  Failed applications with applicants considering that IICSS has fallen short to properly assess their application may seek review of the IICSS’s decision by filling out an appeal form (available at https://iicss.org/appeal-form/) and submit it in soft copy.

7.2  A decision shall be made by IICSS within four (4) weeks of the appeal being received. The decision shall be final in case of a negative appeal outcome. The appeal form must be completed and submitted no later than two (2) weeks after the decision is communicated to the applicant informing them of their non-acceptance into the course(s).

III. Contact Us

In case there are any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us by E-mail at info@iicss.org, through our MENA region representative WhatsApp number [+201064440180].