In this course, the learner shall be introduced to the concept of the cyber world and its basic features, layers, and dimensions.

In addition to explaining the basic concept of technical foundation to enable the learner to deal with cyberspace through its different layers, furthermore will introduce the learners to cyberspace related and integrated concepts such as data privacy, cyber security ad information literacy. Along the course, the learner will be introduced to the ethics governing the cyber world and related frameworks.

  • Introduction to Cyber World
    • Internet vs. Cyberspace
    • Layers of cyber Space
    • Actors in Cyber Space
    • Cyber Space Governance
  • Technical Foundations
    • What is computer
    • How Computer Works
    • Introduction Networking
    • Cloud Systems, IOT and Emerging Techs
    • Intro to Digital Transformation  
  • Cyber Security Essentials
    • Information Security Fundamentals
    • Information Protection
    • Device Protection
    • Environment Protection 
  • Data Privacy Online
    • Defining Data Privacy
    • Data Security
    • The Concept of Personal Data
    • Data Breach Online
    • International Data Protection Standards (GDPR Example)
  • Media and Information Literacy
    • Searching online
    • Data verification and fact-checking
    • Misinformation, disinformation, and fake news 
    • Managing data and digital content 
  • Ethics and Cyber wellbeing
    • Defining ethics of Cyberspace
    • Internet Community Norms and Standards
    • Technology and ethics
    • AI systems and Ethics
    • Health and well-being
    • Internet addiction
    • Environmental sustainability concerns
Target Group❱ General
» Graduate Level
» Undergraduate shall attend by passing the placement test.
Level01 Beginners
ExaminationYes (Group Presentation)
Course Duration(32 Hours)  + Examination

This course is accredited by ISSA-EG

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