From our Professional Training Domains, you can select number of courses from the offered course basket to start your professional diploma achievement path.

At least two levels of Certificates should be successfully achieved in order to be eligible for the diploma advanced course levels then final diploma assessment and examination.

Diplomas’ final assessment registration timing and fees are announce each quarter.

We offer range of Professional Training Programmes in different domains of technology and social sciences.

  • Cybersecurity Diploma
  • Ceyber-Crimes and Cyber-investigations Diploma
  • Business and Technology Diploma
  • FinTech (Banking and Finance) Diploma
  • Digital Marketing Diploma
  • Project Management and Strategic Planning Diploma
  • HR Management Diploma
  • Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Management Diploma
  • LegalTech Diploma
  • International Contracts and Transactions
  • ADR Diploma
  • Digital Transformation Diploma
  • Online Teaching and Training Diploma

Diploma Accreditation and Validation

In collaboration with internationally recognized accreditation and validation bodies, all IATSS Professional Diplomas are being granted Click to visit accreditation and validation body page