This program shall enable the development of broad and comprehensive knowledge and familiarity of the core principles related to FinTech, such as digital banking, digital currencies, and alternative finance.

Cloud Computing

In this area of courses and qualifications we provide our learners with the basic cloud terminology, and characteristics, while also tackling aspects related to cloud security, and the protection of cloud’s data and applications.


In the era of financial inclusion, we are ready to qualify our learners with needed qualifications in this area. The courses in this area provide you with the needed recognition with relation to the basics of blockchain, as well as its challenges, issues and applications, also other aspects of FinTech from technical, Legal and Economic perspective.

Internet Of Things

We concern with the future qualifications of our learners, so we decided to qualify them with the near-future knowledge. The main aims of this area of courses are to offer insights into the Internet of Things (IoT) in principle and practice, as it is targeting familiarizing you with IoT origins, concepts, applications, and tools, and how IoT is integrated into business fields.

Emerging Technologies Courses