Iran Is Recruiting Hackers For Cyberwar!

Many countries around the world started to prepare their own cyber armies. It seems that Cyberwar is getting more attention by governments. Following the “Stuxnet Case”, Iran is also getting into the battle by recruiting more hackers and young professionals to join its cyber army.

I think that Iran has the capabilities of getting into Cyberwar. According to an article published by Forbes, Iran is started to attack China as it might be involved in developing and distributing Stuxnet worm!

Studies say cyber attacks could become weapon of choice in future conflicts” It is completely true as Cyberwar is cheap but efficient!

There are big players for sure in cyberspace that will be able to launch real Cyberwar against other nations. Cyberwarfare might also include digital espionage, cyber attack, and kill switch techniques!

The big players could be in (North America, Europe, Russia, and Far East). In my opinion, I think that China is one of the best as they have now big share in technology manufacturing all over the world. Look for “Made in China” at your Tech Gadget!

If the US has the technology to perform “Kill Switch”, China will have other countermeasures. They put their hands on Microsoft software source code and they are manufacturing almost everything electronics that is distributed all over the world!

If they have access to both software and hardware that power almost 90% of our digital life, then what do you think about that?

Big players in the above map have their own plans to deal with real Cyberwar for sure. Other countries around the world started to prepare for this day. Although Iran is not yet considered one of the big players in Cyberwarfare, it’s trying to build cyber capabilities.

In the complicated Middle East, I can say that they don’t understand the difference between Cyberwar and Information warfare! It will be difficult for those government leaders “From Dark Ages” to prepare their countries for Cyberwar.

Advanced industrial countries are likely to see a cyber attack as an assault on the computer infrastructure that underlies power, telecommunications, transportation and financial systems. But many developing countries such as in the Middle East are seeing Cyberwar in political terms only!

According to this narrow point of view, those countries will be suffering from many troubles in near future. When they see the “Internet as a weapon” and started to censor it, their citizens will look for other methods to access or transmit the information. In this digital era, there is no impossible and anyone can go anywhere using many different ways!

Think of Tunisia as a very bad example when it comes to Internet censorship, blogging, and freedom of speech. But eventually there is a big Cyberwar proceeding Revolution in Tunisia!

Cyberspace becomes your mirror!

*Map Source: McAfee