IICSS certifications are emphasize the capacities and capabilities of its holders and support them in their professions to meet the required standards of competence. Achieving such certification is a valuable accomplishment, yet it’s not of a less importance to keep maintain an up to date status of the gained expertise, less your certification would not gain the expected level of value. Recertification promote your credibility and reinforce a commitment to your proficiency. For this sake, IICSS has a recertification policy

I. Certification Cycle

All certifications shall be active for three (3) years from its achievement date. The certification active status shall be extended for an additional three (3) years each time the recertification requirements are fulfilled.

II. Recertification Requirements

2.1 There are two (2) main passes for recertification:

  • Take a current exam within your existing IICSS certification.
  • Earn a new certification in same course, with updated version if available.

2.2 A learner is required to choose one of these two ways for recertification at any time during the active period of the certification or at least proceed with one of them in the activity timeframe.

2.3 A learner can start the recertification process by fill the application(hyberlink);

2.4 The learner shall be notified by dates of exams of the start dates of the desired courses once available.

2.4 Recertification fees shall be determined upon the pass selected, to be paid according to IICSS general fees policy.

III. Notable Remarks

3.1 The learner shall be notified that the certification is due to expire via E-mail associated with their account. Their transcript shall also show the dates the certification is valid.

3.2   Failure to carry out a recertification by the required timeframe shall result in revocation of the learner’s certification.

3.3   It is the learner’s responsibility to recertify on time, and IICSS shall grant no extensions or grace periods whatsoever.

3.4   If the learner’s certification is revoked, they can only have the right to market themselves as Ex-Certified for that certification, which includes the use of the IICSS certification logos with same restrictions. Also, the learner’s transcript shall reflect that the certification is no longer valid.

3.5   In order to regain IICSS certified status if the certification is revoked, the learner must satisfy all the requirements for the current certification version.

IV.  For more information:

In case there are any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us by E-mail at info@IICSS.com, through our hotline number [+2 01064440180, or through regular mail at [Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR].