Bashir Fancy is the President of the Business & Technology Professional Association of Canada (BIZTEK) – a NOT for Profit organization that provides education, training, mentoring, exams and certification of Technology professionals. BIZTEK brings both business and technology in today’s world where the pace of technology changes and innovation are happening at a lightning pace, creating skills gaps. Bashir sits on Program Advisory Council of Colleges as well as Advisory Boards. He also led the cybersecurity task force in Canada. Bashir was also a former Chairman and CEO for CIPS National Board and CIPS Ontario.

Bashir was Managing Director, Corporation Solutions & Services Inc., providing Risk Management, Data privacy, Governance, Security, Operations, IT consulting services and Internal Audit globally. He continues to be called upon regularly to advise Corporations in Canada and globally. Mr. Fancy has held position of Senior Executive Advisor, with Deloitte & Touché and also assisted Grant Thornton in similar position.

Prior to that, Mr. Fancy served as the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security at Visa International and was also the Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa based out of San Francisco. He was instrumental in the development of the “Account Information Security” –Data Security Standards AIS-DSS (now known as PCI- DSS), that impacts any Organization that stores, processes or transmits credit/debit card transactions. This standard is intended to prevent data breaches, ensuing fraud, costs and brand damage.  Bashir Fancy, as the Head of Risk Management & Security for Visa Canada, developed & implemented a strategy that led to 50% reduction in fraud losses, after a growth of 40% per year for 5 previous years. This strategy was adopted globally for Banks issuing Visa Cards.

Mr. Fancy assists financial institutions globally including the World Bank, Telecoms, Retail businesses, Governments and others, to deal with the root causes and become secure, efficient and compliant. He has excellent background t both working and executive level in the Payments,Retail, Airline Industry, 3rd Party processing and the Banking world that spans many countries.

Mr. Fancy held senior management positions that included Systems, Operations, Systems, Finance, Risk management, Internal Audit, Marketing & Sales and strategy in Organizations that included Visa international (Visa Inc.), Citibank, SNS (became known as Emergis, now absorbed into TELUS) – 3rd party card processor and effectively the back office managing point of sale for Canadian Banks and major retailers. His other roles included senior management role in Air Canada and the “Supermarket Group”, after starting his career to pursue CA at West, Wake & Price (Auditors) –became part of Price Waterhouse.