Born in Denmark, Dan Shefet is a Paris-based lawyer specializing in European and human rights law, and information technology law in particular. Mr. Shefet is an individual specialist to UNESCO and author of the “Policy options and regulatory mechanisms for managing radicalization on the Internet” report for UNESCO’s 2016 conference in Québec.

Mr. Shefet is also an advisor to the Council of Europe on the establishment of an internet ombudsman. In 2014, he founded the Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy (AAID), with the objective of introducing a general principle of accountability on the internet in order to secure the protection of human integrity. He currently serves as AAID’s president.

Mr. Shefet holds degrees in philosophy and law from the University of Copenhagen, in addition to studying French law at the Sorbonne. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on IT law, data privacy and content regulation.